Fundamentally, we keep it simple – we want to work with entrepreneurs of extraordinary ability, drive, and integrity to pursue leadership in high-growth sectors.  When we find such a match we strike partnerships with speed and agility, make their dreams our own, and work our hearts out to realize them.

Ascent Capital follows an entrepreneur-centric investment approach. We actively seek out promising Indian companies driven by visionary leadership. Our constant endeavor is to complement the strengths of the teams we back. Placing complete confidence in the ability of our partner entrepreneurs to build and manage their companies, we play a supporting role, pitching in wherever necessary.

We believe in long-term partnerships. This commitment brings stability to our investing relationships and provides our companies a strong platform to deliver outstanding growth. Our ambitions are fully aligned with those of our partner entrepreneurs.

We have consistently demonstrated our ability to add value Beyond Capital. We do not generally seek operating control of a portfolio company, but will actively assist management whenever needed.From raising additional resources, shaping the right strategies, attracting senior management talent, maintaining high standards of corporate governance, preparing companies for successful IPOs, to providing advice on inorganic growth plans, we leverage our experience and network to drive the success of every company we back.

Our long history of investing in India has imbibed in us an innate awareness of Local Sensitivity – very few investors understand the Indian entrepreneur and business fabric like we do. In an environment where a majority of businesses are family-owned or have relatively high promoter holding, ownership sharing is a sensitive issue. Our ability to turn these delicate partnerships into compelling success stories distinguishes us amongst private equity investors in India.

Our Extensive Proprietary Network of corporates, business leaders, and capital market participants provides us access to quality deals and enables us to conclude investments in a highly competitive environment.  It also facilitates successful liquidity events for our portfolio companies.